Monday, 1 April 2013

Gala dinner to forget

OMG just don't let me read anyones blog that says what a wonderful night it was lol
What a shambles and we are not even on the main course yet!!
Anyone for for a glass of squash?

Thought it was a 'Gala Dinner' not a children's tea party..

Sorry just a kwik update as i am passing the free wifi on route to finding David a knife and fork lol

What a load of ol cods wallop.
Simon Hope (from Hope n Hopeless) as usual from start to finish likes to hear the sound of his own voice....
Stick to the day job.

He tried his best fair play lol but sadly he aint no 'Philip Young' and just to remind you Siz - you were on the ERA Peking to Paris!! Remember...

Not the 'Paris something or other' as you squawked out in your 'oh my god how we gonna pull this one off' speech or actually maybe he has a touch of Alzheimer's creeping in amongst his other conditions..

He did the best to ridicule The P2P in his speech. How well did you know ...?? Did you say?

He is sooooooo pathetic along with the rest of his a..... l ...... organisation lol

Good luck with your future trips.., slips and falls. ....

Should carry a health warning!! Lol xx

We really missed JB's funny hat speech but gorra larf.

Old Poo Bear asked David where the 'Yellow Brick' was lol

Well i never they should know exactly where it is shouldn't they - i mean cant they see where it is on their system?

It was supposed to last for the whole trip so they will be able to see exactly where it is right now lol

The evenings entertainment finally got on its way and the 'speech from the heart / soul' continued FROM the IPad...

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