Tuesday, 19 February 2013

1st Day off on a Building Site..

And a Room with a Panoramic VIEW

Pleased to report that the Itala is now running splendidly :))

We managed to get caught in a few thunderstorms yesterday but at least it was quite refreshing and a nice change from the blistering heat..

Driving conditions however were obviously horrendous and our 700 km day became a 12 hour one. 2 hours of which were on Stop and mostly sheltering from the elements!!

We arrived at The Iguassu Resort in Foz de Iguacu Dourados in darkness and like a pair of drowned rats and absolutely exhausted and very hungry.

The Resort looked quite smart at first glimpse with its large reception and shimmering lights across the poolside but we soon realised it was still a flaming building site!! :(

We were then given our room key 708 and shown or rather driven the 2 km (it seemed like lol) to our room and the door opened and just couldn't believe it..
12 hour drive and we get to this broom cupboard. Floor to ceiling windows and panoramic views - NOT :(

We must be the smallest room on this complex and Booking.com price it at €99 is with breakfast included!!

Piles of wet clothes and no where to hang them and just got a call from reception to tell us not to hang our clothes outside. We are at the end of the complex and i don't anyone ventures down this end anyway..
Not impressed to say the least!!

I wouldn't have thought it was too difficult to organise 30 decent rooms for some very tired and dusty customers to enjoy their first day off ?? It wasn't exactly a last minute thing :((

And like all building sites the drilling and banging starts at 8am promptly. Well it was actually 7.55am here.

Maybe i am expecting too much but we had been promised something better. G&T awaiting us. Best Hotels and all that blurb... (Just as well we dont drink G&T)

Anyway we are off to fill up with petrol and look for some oil.

Maybe we will visit these wonderful Iguazzi Falls later this afternoon, although i did say maybe we dont need to as they came to greet us on route yesterday lol

Wow what view...

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  1. Oh dear, sorry to hear you ended up in the cupboard guys you deserved better for sure.
    I’m so pleased the Itala is now running on all pistons & what ever else should be moving at the same time. Make to most of your day of ‘rest’ best wishes from this end of the line.

    T ..