Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Day 4 Foz de Iguacuu to Dourados

Great day today and we were only too happy to be leaving the Iguassu Resort.
The best thing about the place was the fabulous cars dotted around the complex!!
Oh to be fair the staff were actually very efficient. Too efficient at times! Lol

Up at 4am for a 5am start due to roadworks and we only just managed to arrive at waypoint 272 before workmen were scheduled to close the road for a spot of dynamiting and repairs due to recent subsidence after severe flooding..
If we had missed the 9am deadline it would have meant a detour of over 100km. 5 minutes to spare was cutting it fine..

Weather was kind to us today and roads apart from the dreaded speed bumps were quite clear and not too congested with lorries. Although i have to say they are very considerate to us.

We crossed the Ayrton Senna bridge (see pic below) which was over 1.3 km long (not sure what river flowed below, but will google it later)
We drove through hundreds of miles of farmland full in parts of giant ant hills (see pic below) wouldn't want to trip over one of them in the dark....
I had been wondering what creatures would eventually jump out on us from the bushes and hey presto out popped a small herd / flock / gathering of Ostrich. What a sight. David wouldn't stop to let me take a picture. Meany :(

Even managed to take a lunch break today and the old girl got a new set of plugs fitted and is now fully recovered from her 'flu like symptoms)
Managed to get 99.9 kph out of her today.

Great to arrive at the hotel early.
Hotel Bahamas - ha not at all what you think tho - another corker 1 towel between 2 and now slimming down on the 'complimentary's' - 1 bar of soap and a miniature shampoo. Not a cotton bud in sight to clean those important little places and no grub on site either. Am told it has a pool but haven't been to investigate yet.

At least the shower works well and we have been provided with a shopping trolley to load all our bags on to take to the room. Saves lugging them like pack horses up 10 flights of stairs!!

We are up again tomorrow at sparrows .... so no worries.
Off to explore the town now...

Ps - am told we gain another hour here yippee :)))

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