Saturday, 23 February 2013

Another Disastrous Day aboard The Great One for some ..

Just had news that the roads are so bad on todays Rally Route that some cars are making their way back to our hotel.
They left at 9 am this morning but some have only managed to drive about 150 km in 10 hours.

We have just booked 2 extra rooms already for them.
Not quite sure how they will proceed from here tomorrow...

Keep you posted ....

No news as yet. I have had the folks back home on the case but nothing to report from Rally blogs or Tracker updates. Cant see from my end as i have the 'out of the ark iPad' with me and not downloaded or cant on this vintage pad :(
No blog updates from competitors as yet. Have enjoyed reading thru theirs and have come to the conclusion that mine is crap lol - sincere apologies folks.

Please Excuse the spelling mistakes i am on my last pair of glasses (2 broke and 1 flew away and not sure if they have a spec savers out here) and they are held in ace with Roger Goodwin's araldite lol

Just on desserts

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