Saturday, 23 February 2013

Relaxing Day at Hotel Los Tajibos

Just a quick boring report to say that we have had a relaxing day at this Hotel. Food and Staff are superb.

I am ashamed to say that while the remaining competitors battled across the remains of the Bolivian Highways with their sheets of Amendments blowing in the breeze we sat around the poolside sipping frozen Pina coladas. We haven't even emptied the Itala of all our worldly goods lol

I suppose there is always tomorrow. :)

I indulged in a 2pm 'Cranial Massage' (twoz a strange one...) and also managed to fit in a 3.30pm Pedicure.

David on the other hand declined any offers of massage and in between his cat naps made a few important phone calls,, ordering parts for other competitors and liaising with Jeremy from 'Bespoke Handling' (the logistics company handling the shipping for this rally) about the removal of our wonderful Itala.

Jeremy is flying over tomorrow evening to wrap her up in tissue paper lol for us and roll her into a big box with a message 'Return to Sender' asap.

I also made a new friend today.
She came to investigate my new clean toes :))

Also pleased to report that at on long last our 3rd Yellow Brick is now working splendidly!!!
As you can aee below.
Green light flashing!!.wow - pretty useless now tho :(

Apologies for all the hiccups over the last few days but there seems to have been lots of issues with these things.

Big THANK YOU for all your support. Sorry to let you all down. Hopefully we can carry on blurbing once we find a hire car and continue our journey. I have been on the case today whilst being 'pedicured' very rude i know but the young girl couldn't speak English and apart from grass arse and asta la vista and mutcho grassy arse oh and hola i cant speak Spanish.

We Wenglish are oh so lazy at learning a new language but seem to be fluent in bad language when the need arises!!

Also we (as in the 'royal' we have been politely nagging the organisers (Jane Ayre was on the case even before we set off) to upload some overall blogs and pictures and i believe there have been some 'issues' but now they should be 'blurbing' away like the rest of us.

Young James in Car 11 has far too much time on his hands methinks!! And well done for dragging the Old Man along with him on this trip.

He should ditch the driving and take up blogging professionally.
Great team in Car 'Legs 11' - we wish them the very best of luck x

Over and out got supper to stuff now :) asta la vista amigos

Ps a bride and groom just wandered in for some pics - how strange lol..


  1. Nothing like a 'Cranial Massage' & Pedicure to unwind David should also indulge imo.

    I feel for you guys half way across a continent unable continue as you would wish.
    I am also not very impressed with the ‘brick’ well the tracking as such, what use is a satellite view you are on roads/tracks not at sea.
    Well keep us up to date as the H & H site is still on ‘Day 3’ …

    atb t ..

    1. Hi Terry,
      Big Big Thank you for all your support. There is only one place for that 'Brick' - so disappointed as we had thought of installing our own tracker but was told this yellow brick was the best!! Lol
      We are very disappointed about a lot of things but enough said for the moment...
      Flying to Cusco tomoz, bit of sight seeing and then join the rest of the competitors with a hire car for rest of the 'challenge' ...