Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Splinter Group in Cusco

A mild day taking in the sights of Cusco.

We had very sad news today, our very very dear friend passed away today.

Group Captain Rexford - Welch otherwise know as Rex previously owned our beautiful Itala. He had found the old girl in a farmers field late one night whist on a night rally. He lovingly restored during the '50's and displayed her in many local events before storing her at Beaulieu museum, whilst stationed overseas.
He always complained that someone had knicked her radiator cap whilst there..

Rex was also stationed here in Peru and knew and loved Cusco so much. He said he was out here 'spying on the french'

So yesterday we walked the busy streets and markets as he once did over 40 years ago.
It is just as he said it was so colourful. full of life and wonderful people...

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  1. Sad new indeed about Rex but how befitting that you were in Peru to learn of his passing, maybe the Itala also was feeling part of the sadness.
    I see you managed to find one or two locals with a few bits to sell ….

    Best wishes t