Saturday, 23 February 2013

Driving Day Day 7 - Final Day for the Itala

Very sad day today or rather yesterday and the end of the road for the old girl, well at least in South America..

The day started well and the weather was on our side and we managed to get through the border early (some cars didn't cross the border until 6pm and then had nearly 700 km to drive!!
Not the smartest move in route book planning.

We were flying along at 104 km at one point and covered over 300 km very quickly. With just under 300 km left to do things were looking good!!
Until in the distance a big black cloud appeared and it had our name on it AGAIN!!
And then down came the rain followed by bolts of thunder and some more rain came thrashing down once again.

We weren't going be able to escape this one.
The poor old girl came to a stop at the side of the road..

Rally Satellite tracker (Yellow Brick) not working yet again and both phones out of signal.

David did a few checks and said we would try to bump start it but being on the flat we failed to pick up enough speed.
Martin and Thomas in the Lagonda luckily had managed to cross the border early and they came flying past and gave us a push to get us going again.

We went through another few Bolivian Deluxe car washes and then came to a grinding halt. David knew that this time it was serious..

More later on what happened next .....

Not quite sure why they call it 'The GREAT South American Challenge' but we will see.
Challenge most definitely and sadly we have failed..

The Itala has successfully competed on numerous events including :-

ERA's fantastic 'Peking to Paris' twice,
Seattle to San Diego,
ERA The Nile Trial through Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.
Bart Kleyn's Pre War fantastic Via Flaminia Rally and lots of stormy trips to Wales and Cornwall lol but this one has sadly defeated us and her..

We have really been unlucky with the weather and that certainly isn't the Rally's fault but a few adjustments need to be made i think for future events.....

All I can say we are now safely in a fab hotel and are staying here tonight and decide what to do next....


  1. All I can say we are now safely in a fab hotel and are staying here tonight and decide what to do next....
    Guys, what can we say except so pleased you are both safe, such a shame mother nature threw things at you all at once no doubt the Itala will have another turn to show she still is king/queen of the road.

    Chill then let us know what your intentions are, if there is anything we can do from this end of the line just ask.

    Atb for now T & C

  2. Sometimes, after a good night's rest and think, you might find the situation may not be a terminal as you believe. Sounds electric rather than mechanical, and perhaps a hair dryer or(?) can resolve. Really hope so for your sakes. Nil carburundum illigitimi! Do keep us posted! Godspeed!

  3. Did the guy in the blue T shirt make an offer on Davids boots?