Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Iguazu Falls

And what a great day it was.

We filled the old girl up with some common petrol (not ethanol this time) and treated her to some Brazilian oil and went off to shop for motorbike helmets ready for the next downpour!! and then drove her down to the Falls.

Why on earth we chose to take the boat trip under the falls tho i don't know especially after yesterdays drenching!

'The Parque National do Iguacu' was truly spectacular. The butterflies were enormous flapping around our feet and we saw a nest of the humming bird. We thought it was a blob of white tissue paper attached to a tree but we were enlightened by one of the guides. Oops

We whizzed upstream on a Raft and the guys steer you literally under the 150 million year falls.
One girl on our boat screamed so loud after the 3rd dousing and said that she wanted to get off as she said she couldn't swim. Not sure how she thought she was going to escape the 6th plunge lol
She did laugh about it later and wasn't too put out that she had lost her false eye lashes...
Twoz nice to 'chill' for a day. I think David really needed it. Will rephrase that 'we' needed it lol

5am start apparently tomorrow due to road works ahead..
We shall see what the amendments have in store this evening' ...


  1. What is it with these old cars, can they not behave themselves.Catching up with your blog as the main site is rubbish so far. Like your photos so far,good to see the camera is behaving itself even if your not. Will be checking up on your progress.
    Give my regards to everyone and safe travelling see you back at work April.

  2. Hope you guys didn't drink too much of that muddy water ...
    I see you are still at the same spot, fingers crossed all is ok.

    t ..

  3. Hello, I made a video of you just leaving Curitiba.


    And I have to say, your car is really astonishing.

    Good luck on the rally!