Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Another one bites the dust - Car # 29 RETIRED

And yet another casualty of this great rally remained in car park of our budget inn this morning.

Sadly Jorg Lemberg from Car 29 has now been forced to retire.

He encountered some problems yesterday afternoon and was even unluckier that day as the Rallies Pick Up Trailer was kaputt and out of action again and so after waiting for over 2 hours in the blistering heat, eventually agreed to be towed in.

Apparently the support vehicle towing them had to come to an emergency stop at some stage in their journey and the bar being used to tow his Mercedes twisted and caused further damage to it and its navigator.

Passengers survived to tell the tale but the lovely Mercedes will now join the queue for recovery back home..

Jorg Lemberg is a very experienced Rally Competitor, just like all the other retired Rally crews. Jorg successfully completed Philip Young's (ERA) Centenary Peking to Paris in his Lagonda as well as Philip's 2010 Peking to Paris. He has numerous other Endurance Rallies under his belt. He will be missed but am sure he will be back on another Adventure pretty soon !!!!

So there are now 6 in retirement!
With 5 cruising away merrily in their hire 4 x 4's.

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