Saturday, 16 March 2013


Ha surprise surprise we drive to the scheduled route book hotel 'Sol del Sur' to be greeted (no sign of the promised
G & T for the weary travellers) by rally Orgs & Herr Naan and told that we are NOT in this hotel.

No problemo whatsoever with that BUT why cant they let us know in the morning?

Is that just too much of an effort to organise?? Eh eh - obviously - as its happened before and i dare say twill appen again ...

After the end of your rally day even in a hire truck! You still want to follow the 'tulips' into whatever town your day ends in and 'down tools' in that hotel.

Nobody really wants to be handed another set of instructions and be told sorry ya NOT at this hotel guys..
So please bear this in mind and sort your act out..

Ha ha on top of that the Goodwins and The Ayres are placed in hotels in different 'out of town' locations lol

I did grizzle from the back seat at Mrs Wenman saying that the Orgs by now are fully aware that we are travelling in the same vehicle so obviously it would make logistical sense to place the crews in same Hotel wherever that may be?

Twoz told that our hotels were just opposite each other so ...
'Opposite' my backside - not sure what school Mrs W attended but they are certainly not opposite lol

Anyway once we arrived at The Goodwins 'out of town' hotel the lovely Maggie was sampling the local refreshments in the garden lounge and very kindly offered The Goodwins her room at toother Hotel as they too had been separated from their travelling companions Jose and Maria so all is well for all parties concerned and grizzle of the day over with lol

Roger Allen also shouted over the fence to say that Wales were winning the Rugby against England ha ha may celebrate tonight then lol - ooops sorry England fans :))

Interesting views from our window but the hotel / hostel is quite cool and is spotless and receptionist is very pleasanto and free wifi so ....

Just checking out the landscape very similar to The Brecon Beacons - so home from home lol

Of course we are now in the Welsh Region of Patagonia - The Chubet Region!! So the Welsh brought their mountains with them..

Crews now trickling in after their run from Bariloche and we now find that Navigators and Drivers have also been placed in separate hotels! How daft is that as most crew spend time together ' spannering ' on the car, sharing a beer and debriefing etc.. Hope they all get in before dusk...

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