Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Santiago to Termas de Chillan

Sounds a cool place to go so we are hot footing it early today. Well early to us now is 7.30am. Rally time is silly o 6 am...

Maggie and Roger came in on a tow rope late last night so hopefully the mechanics will have sorted out their problemos by this morning for them to get going again.

They set off for Bariloche yesterday but soon headed back to Mendoza to fix a tyre problem.
Maggie said that they found a local BMW garage and they sorted out some issues but then she got stuck in the loos and her cries for help went unnoticed for some time so she wasn't too impressed :(

Lots of peeps with dicky tummies so hope we will stay out of the contamination areas, door nobs, small change and the like lol

I saw one competitor head off to bed last night with a handful of white pills and this morning another competitor shot off at great speed from the rally table as he was collecting his amendments..
This 'bug' seems to be working its way around the rally - yicks :((

Talking about 'Amendments' had to laugh at this one this morning - 'SP Entrada' - in other words Signpost 'Entrance' ha ha very confusing as all the junctions were SP'd Entrada lol
I thought Entrada was a town lol
A town called Entrada just like the town called 'Retonda' in Brazil or 'House Fart' ha um 'Ausfahrt' ' in Germany

612 Rally Km's today but no tests for us!!
We are taking Route 5 direct to Chillan.
Bit hairy getting out of Santiago as it always is in these big cities.
A few grumbles were heard last night as to why we had a major city stop for just an overnight?? Umm yes we did wonder and apparently Santiago wasn't anything to write home about either.
Lets hope the best is to yet to come...

No more dramatic scenery to see today - well not on our route anyway..

Quick coffee stop and free wifi on route. They are very health conscious here - masks and all..

Onwards and upwards flying past the San Pedro Vineyards and the Timber yards just outside Talca.

Good roads, a few tolls and a good selection of lorries and buses to manoeuvre around and they just pull right in front of you when the mood takes them!
Plenty of 'Little Chefs' on Route 5 to stop and 'powder ones nose' lol

At last we leave Route 5 and pick up the minor roads through the quaint little rustic villages around Chillan and Recinto - very similar to the South West of France :))

Arrived at our ski resort destination 'Termas de Chillan' at 12.30 pm :))
Looks good and fabulous mountain views. Beats the 'fag butt' views of yesterday l

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  1. Hang on let me look at that again, its true David does smile. It's good to see you guys doing ok & the sight of a pool at the end of a days driving ahhhhhhhhh.

    atb t ..