Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Iquique to San Pedro de Atacama

Roads very good again today.
Nothing very exiting to see. David said he nearly fell asleep at the wheel of our Terrano.

We even stopped to take some pics of some strange vultures perched on a rock and also got very exited and stopped again to snap some pelicans awaiting for a catch or two lol

We were dismayed to see the incredible mean machine of Car # 11 - Max and James Stephenson stopped at the side of the road again today.
This time, Ouch they had a lucky escape!!

Apparently a great chunky metal lamp had broken off the lorry in front of them and had bounced towards them. They luckily managed to swerve away from total disaster and they got away with just a few dents in the top of their rad.

When we arrived at the scene,
Crew from from Legs 11, Max and James were all cool, calm and collected and watching paint dry. Umm i mean the silicone dry lol

The Reddingtons (Treacy and Lloyd) from Team Terrano were already at the scene and had witnessed the accident.
Support truck Zulu were also there at hand.

Team Terrano were put to good use and had 'exhibits 1 & 2' already in their truck. James no doubt will have something arranged for them!! Maybe he could donate it to a vauxhall museum at some stage...

Lots of lovely Evans Waterless Coolant was seen trickling away. But sensible lads as they are have a secret supply of this Wonderful Waterless Coolant. Perfect for these blistering conditions!!

Head Org came a cruising past. (Must have got lost, someone exclaimed, unless they had the munchies and had stopped for a bite on route lol)
They soon sped away tho after they realised they were of no use - Hotel Kunza a calling no doubt..

We past some of the splendid remaining cars on route. That was a treat...
Well done chaps and chapesses..

Fabo place Hotel Kunza seems to be. Reminds of a place we stayed at on a Philip Young Rally (Safari Challenge) many years ago - Hotel Xanadu.
So so still and peaceful.

We arrived at approx 3pm, unloaded the Terrano, unpacked and washing all done.
Have a brill clothes bush out back so now relaxing in the sunshine....

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