Sunday, 10 March 2013

Viilla Union to Mendoza via San Juan

Interesting evening spent at Pircas Negras. There were several complaints about the meal that was served.
It looked and smelt absolutely disgusting. Apparently we find out this morning that it was goat... Yuck

I think they must have forgotten i ticked the 'Vegetarian Option' ??
I had to ask Hernaaaaaaan one of the 'fixers' what was going on.
We may have retired but we are still trucking on and part of the rally group.
I could see Veggy Mrs Wenman tucking into something scrummy so asked if i could have the same in future!!

Direct route today, no hanging around!!
Mendoza here we come.

Only 2 pages of amendments today and we were warned last night to take just one set of Amendments per car!!
There have been some issues with these amendment sheets and not all crew have been given them especially when crews have been split in different hotels.
It has been suggested that when rally has to be split then maybe Orgs should be split as well so that all important info and amendments filters down to all crews..

I don't think we have been on a rally before with sooooo many daily amendments. Ah well i suppose somebody is doing their job!!
Duncan seems to be doing a sterling job as well. No complaints there..

I hear the Orgs have taken us off air Oooops rather norty of them!!

We apparently are no longer high lighted on the Rally website boo hoo lol
Wonder what rooms we will end up with tonight?? Broom cupboards and gruel then folks...

'You guys are going to have such a fantastic time' is still ringing in my ears...

A 1907 Itala is definitely not suitable for this route - just in case anyone is contemplating bringing their pioneer pride and joy on an adventure like this in the future...

We did make an attempt today to purchase a local 'Rambler' in powder blue, but to no avail.
No way Jose he said lol
Thought it would have been quite cool to arrive in style in Ushuaia..

Another day of spectacular scenery tho from the windows of the hire truck..

Quick coffee stop in San Juan de Jackel in search of brekkers. No luck for us here tho but the coffee was good.
The good Mrs Goodwin does insist on tasting the local specialities!!
The local dogs got lucky tho with all our left overs lol

Got stopped by the 'Fruit' Police - not quite sure what that was about. Told them that we only had 'fruit' pastilles on board.
They are ever so friendly here tho he apologised that his English wasn't very good and sent us on our way.
How kind ;)

Arrived at The Intercontinental Mendoza at approx 1.30pm local time :))

Day Off tomorrow and paperwork to sign at the Bolivian Consulate..

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