Wednesday, 6 March 2013

San Pedro del Atacama by Curb Rocket

No 'Geezers' for us this morn. No Siree..

A pony trek was discussed and also a float in the salt lakes but nope a relax in our mud hut was on our menu for the morn. David lolled in the sunshine while I tried to get Plan B in action from Punta Arenas. Wont mention it to the others tho until Plan A fails.. So mums the word!!!

The afternoon was spent sightseeing by curb rocket around the hippy chic (not) town of San Pedro.

David managed to get himself accosted by a pair of left over hippies lol
I had nipped to do a bit of retail therapy while David sat sipping his sangria.
He was not impressed by their chat up lines ...

Strange little town all grubby and dusty but full of atmosphere - if you like that sort of thing..
Wouldn't go out of my way to pop in again but worth a peek if your ever passing ..

Poor little San Pedro church was falling to bits. No health and safety regulations here and not even a drop of holy water to dip into either.
But it did have a 'stairway to heaven' - how quaint..

Back at the ranch (mud hut) we lounged at the poolside sipping Pisco Sours and watched the last sunset over San Pedro del Atacama ....

Border crossing tomorrow (Argentina) so early start..
Apparently once out of the Chilean side we are in for a steep climb so should be interesting. The Older ones have been told to go first. Not sure whether Briggers meant peeps or cars so will be watching Chucklet very carefully lol

Enjoyed our last supper in the Atacama Desert with The Goodwin's and The Cotters (Liza and Terry)
They are cool peeps (Watch out for Liza tho as she is ex paparazzi lol)
We all enjoyed listening to their curb rocketing adventures from Peking to Paris. And we thought we were the brave ones..

The Cotters are new to Rallying but they seem to be already bitten by the bug :))
Another charitable curb rocket trip from Alaska to Ushuaia is apparently in the making so that should be interesting one to follow....

Think we are going to carry some luggage for some of the 'oldies' - to lessen the burden. So at least we will be of use :))

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  1. Thanks for the continued up-dates guys, I just knew all that space in the back would come in handy for something.
    So more altitude training, have those leaves at the ready or has the effect now worn off ..

    atb t ..