Thursday, 7 March 2013

Argentinian Border to Salta

Smooth border crossing into Argentina, thank goodness and once through we all dived into the first service station and raided the shelves of whatever we could lay our hands on, which comprised of crisps, sweets and chocs washed down by creamy coffee....

Fellow Team Terrano members Treacy and Lloyd Reddington stopped for coffee in a more exclusive venue but then found that their battery had died and their hire Terrano refused to start.

The little bugger wasnt too keen on the 5 man, low oxygen push start either so the very kind Volvo crew 'volunteered' their tow rope and Roj was on the case wheel spinning Lloyd and the Terrano around the car park. Treacy was hot on his heels!!
Quick top up with water and they were on their way.

Another causality with el problemo was Louise and Peter Little's lovely 4 1/2 Litre Bentley - slight fuel problem i think.
Rally Mechanical Aid Toby took the opportunity to take a quick break. David offered his assistance and they were soon on their way lol

Next at the roadside was the Jaguar of Mark and Yvonne. A similar fuel problem as well. We left them in the safe hands of Chief Mechanical Aid Dave Wenman and little doc Chris.

We did offer Yvonne a lift but she is a good sport and likes to get stuck in. This is her first rally but somehow it wont be her last...

More spectacular scenery on Route 52..
And some whopping great bumps to keep you awake to enjoy it.
Wish we had kept our crash helmets for this leg of the journey.
4 pages of amendments but nothing mentioned about these whoppers.
Rogers getting the blame anyway. Goodwin that is lol lol

Payback tomorrow :))

We have been given yet another 'Yellow Brick' as ours appeared not to be working AGAIN. I think we must now be on our 4th or even 5th one!!
I was beginning to wonder if something on the Itala was causing the issues but obviously it had nothing to do with it.!

Do let us know if we are still out there plodding on and showing car # 1 and car # 15?

I could see that Liza and Terry's was flashing red today so there must be something up with that one as well.
Really annoying piece of kit :(

Just arriving at Hotel Sheraton - 6.30pm.
Its been a very long day for us in a hire jeep. Just thinking how the older cars would have struggled out there today..

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