Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Gobernador Gregores to El Calafate

Hip Hip Hooray we are nearing the end of our journey!!

Another early curly start for Team Hillux if we are going to fit in Glacier Perito Moreno lol

6am we left our Hotel Cardiel and witnessed the sunrise over Route 40 in our rear view mirror lol
Tarmac is still in the making on the route from 'Gob..' to El Calafate so the first 160 km twoz on off on off the chippings at 130kph :(

El Calafate 10am..

And straight off to see the Glacier 80km down the road and what a sight it was :)))

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  1. What a fantastic site for sure, I just happened to check your whereabouts today & found you on the map near the Glacier. Nature has good sides sometimes ..

    t ..