Thursday, 21 March 2013

Los Cauquenes Hotel Room 116 - Do Not Enter!!

Well we picked up our final hire car at Ushuaia airport (Hertz)
All very efficient and speedy and off we went in search of our Hotel for the next 4 days.

We might have known Le 24 hour car was all ready there and had beaten us to it. Actually the 24 hour car had been there for 48 hours. Lol
Da da our rooms has already been chosen for us lol

Wow - 'mountain view' - well the hotel really shouldn't be allowed to allocate them out to anyone never mind $375 per night!! You had to really search for the mountain through the dusty window. There was a tree in the middle (thank goodness) as the rest of the view was into a building site. Great big digger sat outside our window and unmade pavements lol
AND it looked at if it was going to kick off at 7.30am
Even David got angry about it and came flying out of the room..

We shot down to reception and tried to rearrange. What a song and dance. The receptionist told us that our rooms had been specially chosen by guess who lol
Le Orgs. Mmmm no way jose were we staying in that room. We had encountered some corkers of rooms on route and the last 4 days were not going to be 'view del diggers' on building site.

Eventually we were allocated 'lakeside' views at an extra cost of $200 lol
Now have 'Beagle Channel' view like the remaining rally crews....

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