Thursday, 14 March 2013

Termas de Chillan to Pucon

We leave the lovely 'snowless' ski resort of Termas de Chillan and today we head for Pucon and another change of hire car..

Last nights supper Mmm we heard 'The Chairman' speak, first time for a long time.

There is great unrest in the 'camp' for one reason and another and we now have a 24 hour car as well as a 48 hour one.. ...
Umm thought we always did??
Lots of peeps commented that we DID have a 365 day car too lol - lets hope he has his specks on this time....
Glad i taped the great speech.
May have to hold him to 'the buck stops here' bit!!!

Having lots of emails asking why we have stopped blogging?? Had to explain that WE haven't stopped - we have just been taken down / removed from the official Rally Orgs website.

Our Direct Blog link being :-

But if you forget to save it to 'Favourites' you can just google '1907 Itala south america' you'll find it anyway lol

David has officially asked for our blog link to be reinstated so we will wait to see how they proceed...

Emails have been sent to Orgs regarding this from outside peeps but they are receiving 'we will reinstate' and then 'we are out of the office' from org clarence lol

Cant see any problem with our blogging really as of course it is only our personal experiences that we are reporting back to family and friends.

Some other ' chloggers'' are apparently being very diplomatic and they and their cars are having such a wonderful time.
Am sure they will be queuing up to enrol again on next years 'Great' one - just like we did after Philip Young's Endurance Rally Association (ERA) Centenary Peking to Paris.

Oh hells bells now i have gone and done it again. I mentioned his name again lol
We will have no chance of being reinstated now :((

We were also informed that wifi is going to be tough from here on in and phone reception too yicks...

OMG Chauffeur Roj must have been speeding this morn..
10am local time and We just overtook the 24 HOUR car - maybe they lost their way or summat??
Whats that song called
'24 hours from Pucon' lol

Maybe they thought they had to be 24 hours BEHIND??

Petrol stations / coffee stops on Route 5 are excellent for free wifi tho lol

It was quite chilly this morn when we set off at 7.15am but the sun is certainly scorchio now along out route and the farmers look as if they have been busy hay making.

We passed Martin and Jack early this morning in the beautiful M45 Lagonda this morning all wrapped up in their wooly hats..

Martins Lagonda is doing really well and was actually treated to a new set of tyres in Santiago so all road legal again!

Martin had booked Jack in to Co drive on the final leg of this journey and flew him into Cuzco a few weeks ago and since then has been following in 'staff' cars and making himself extremely useful with all the 'poorly' cars falling to bits on route..
Some competitors thought that Jack was The new mechanic lol
Am sure he will be solely missed by the mechanical team. I bet he is glad to be back in a drivers seat and he has now replaced Martins 2nd Co Driver Mark. He will also be missed by crews here.

Geez Mr Egli doesn't half go through them - must be his smelly feet lol

It seems such a long time ago that we, Lagonda and Itala stood side by side soaked to the skin in a thunderstorm, impatiently waiting to make a quick getaway....

We had the final Terrano fill up in Villarrica
a quirky little town with a fantastic volcanic backdrop..

We have now arrived in a very trendy and Picturesque Pucon at 12.30pm. A splendid transit day had by all in Team Terrano..


  1. Translation please. What's a 24 hour car? A 48 hour car? A 365 day car? Maybe an inside joke that's over the heads of some eager readers (well, this one, anyway). The 'official' blog is now up to day 21 (6th March), so we rely on you and other competitors for our daily shot! Rally On and Keep Calm!

  2. Thanks for to-days ‘up to date’ blog.
    Some great scenery by the looks of the pictures, thanks for sharing.

    Now was that ‘sabotage’ no water in the pool who would have done such a thing lol ....?

    Atb t

  3. Cheers all :)
    We fo very much appreciate all ypur support and emails that you are sending us. We are battling on in this comfy ol Terrano and will hopefully keep 'blurbing' away on route.
    Another one bites the dust today. Very sad.
    Only 22 left on the battleground..