Monday, 18 March 2013

Esquel to Los Anti something lol

We heard the early birds firing up at silly o clock this morn.
Us retired lot can have a leisurely morn..

We have a destination hotel in route book but guess what same as last nights performance - a mystery hotel awaits us all - yicks where will we be located i wonder?

We will roll up at midnight to find out ...

Another Retired crew as of yesterday.
Steve and Jan have battled on so well but the ol Merc finally bites the dust and squealed for the last time on route to Esquel.

Hope Rally Orgs can find them one of their 'special' deals so they can continue with us along route.

Rally 'Rovers' seem to be disappearing too at an alarming rate and Orgs seem to be following in hire cars as well!!!
Too tough a route for the new Rovers as well as the oldies then.
A Real Car Breaking Journey!!

Just as we were about to leave Roj had a phone call from JB (Briggers) apparently Sir Bill's suitcase has been left behind..
Roj to the rescue..

We finally leave Esquel at 8.30 am

First town we came across on Route 40 was Tecka, blink and you would miss it. Did have a fuel stop tho and usually good free wifi in these garages...

Next town was Gobernador Costa with its vast collection of carts scattered ceremoniously along the central reservation along with a petrol station, tourist information centre lol and local constabulary office.

Main roads are becoming quite rough and patchy now and look like they are on their last legs. Maybe Arg will invest in another layer of tarmacadem at some stage?

The light is awful for pictures today as well.. I did clean the lens again this morn!

Miles and miles of 'nothingness'
As we fly by the plains look like they are inhabited by giant hedgehogs or maybe Its the breeding ground for Captain Kirk's clingons lol

They have some strange burial customs here or should i say shrines. This one was for Gil whoever he or she may be?

Petrol, lunch and free blog update in Rio Mayo. Good cheese toasties too.

The town of Rio Mayo was lets say 'enchanting' lol and was home to a couple of Fiat 500 ..

Hidden in some of the landscape pics are all sorts of creatures - giant hedgehog, ostrich, mini camels ? flamingoes and even rally time keeps lol

At last we see Lago Buenos Aires in the distance. Time for the sweet trolly before arriving at our destination Los Antiguos.

Website says Antigua Patagonia but where will WE be located.

Has a little grizzle and a grunt at JB last night about the slight possibility of Orgs informing crew of their hotel prior to setting off 'of a morn' (could maybe slip it into the daily amendment sheets??) but it fell on deaf ears and was told 'what does it matter, what does it really matter ??? Umm lol Akunamatata :)

Arriving at 2.46pm :))
Hey ho we are at our final destination ...
No grizzles from Car # 1 today lol

Wifi is crap here..

Will try without the pics!!

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