Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Wow at last Rally Org have done us proud

Great location Hotel Kunza (still not as good as El Monastario in Cuzco , spelt it right this time) but nevertheless- splendid resort.. Complete with stalker!
Mr Wenman has done us proud. Stylish mud huts with bamboo blinds in the Atacama Desert, what more could one want .... Lol

Very similar to Hotel Xanadu in Morocco - fabo at the edge of the Sahara Desert...

But we aint going on any bus trip at silly o clock in the morning with a load of ol 'geezers' to visit The 'Geezers'

I have a strange feeling this 'Geezer' bus at 5am is going to be M T lol

Great supper tonight.
Mark from Le Plymouth and Maximillion from the Legs 11 Vauxhall have been on baby alpaca milk and ginger biscuits.
How strange ....

Got a very important meeting now with a Manuka lady so have to miss desserts :((

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  1. Hi Guys

    Good to see you on the road, dare I say it maybe even enjoying yourselves just a little.
    Thanks for the up-dates the H & H news/blog is ten days behind you …..

    Atb stay safe t ..