Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Los Antiguos to Gobernador Gregores

A fabulous sunrise over Lake Buenos Aires was the start of our day. Despite the non existent wifi (for the blessed iPhone anyway) Los Antiguos is a great place to pass through on route to Ushuaia or even back into Chile through Border crossing Chile Chico..
The evening supper was in town at a restaurant Viva el Viento (wifi crap there too) - i think a splendid eve was had by all..

We left Hotel Antigua Patagonia at 8.30am, after a tour of the grounds and the crystal clear lake..

First pic of the day from the 'back seat' drivers was an Armadillo followed by Andreas whizzing past in the glorious sunshine....

Then we flew past the crews waiting for their start time for their tests today - ooops i mean 'test' as apparently the other test has again been cancelled.
Cant be many cars left in the classes now.
Not much competition for the remaining crews :(
Twill be quite easy to get '3rd in class' now or in some cases 1st in class...
So the remaining crews will be battling on for 1st in Class..

Think Chucklet was struggling yesterday with some problemos - that certainly wont please the Old Caddy crew..

We plod along Route 40 thinking wow this section is much better than yesterdays and then we hit the rough stuff and glance over at the newly laid black stuff and see a cheeky local has found a gap and flies past us, but cant get onto it so on we bounce...
past the 'end of test' controllers Happy Chappies C of C and his deputy dog.

Good to see Patrick is looking after his Citroen today. Not far for the €50 Citroen go now and once in Ushuaia he will be gift aiding it to JB lol

Kwik coffee stop at Bajo Caracoles and then all the 'Testees' came flooding in.
All smiley faces and adrenalin still flowing...

Poor ol little doctor Chris didn't look too happy tho as they had broken down and had limped to this cafe/hotel/biker stop with a hole in the hire trucks radiator.
Oh dear, he said that he had sent a few satellite messages but was still stranded 3 hours later.

Mrs W and Herr Naan had to hike their way to Gob to help turn down the sheets at the hotel for us and of course had the very difficult job of trying to organise over a luncheon break who was where and in what hotels lol

Soon Tobias and Zulu were at hand to help sort out the docs problemo. :))

A few kms of good black stuff again for us but then very soon we were back on the rough stuff.. Then onto the smooth, then back on the rough and then at last a smooth ride to into Gob, arriving at 3.30pm just in time for afternoon tea on the terrace.. Hotel Cadiel :))

Wifi crap here again so will try without pics :))

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