Thursday, 21 March 2013

El Calafate to Ushuaia and maybe Rio Grande lol

Just at airport and off to join the rest of the Rally at Rio Grande

Flying from El Calafate and picking up the final hire car in Ushuaia and still well within the $16,000.00 Rally 'special price' hire car.
Arica to Ushuaia lol

The airport at El Calafate is superb. Spotless, efficient and a cafe serving 'home made' grub.

We boarded with minimum fuss and sat awaiting take off and then dreaded 'announcent' came - in spanish first of course but you could tell by the tones that it wasnt good news!
Yicks then it was the Inglaise version...
We were told that the winds were picking up in Ushuaia and the captain was awaiting an update so we would have to wait about 20 mins to hear whether we would be able to fly at all..

OMG i thought - we couldn't take the chance of sitting around til morn as the same thing may happen tomorrow.
So the plan was to hop off the plane at great speed. We only had hand luggage so could shoot straight out for a taxi back to El Calafate and then straight back to car hire shop to pick up the golf that we had just dropped off in the hope that it hadn't gone off to the cleaners or even the scrap yard. (The poor thing had a good thrashing yesterday)
If we were in luck then we would just hurtle back down the 40 as far as our peepers would allow lol
Not a good option but ...

15 minutes of planning later and all eyes were wide open. 'The air hostess has just belted herself in' says Mrs Goodwin, Yipee i thought, followed by 'oh no she hasn't' :(
Then we hear Herr Capitan over the speakers. His tone i thought was cheery and i turned around to the Spanish guys behind and saw him put his thumbs up and smile and thought yes we are on ...

And yes we were certainly on and in for a rough ride but whats new lol !!!!

Arrived safely in Ushuaia :))

Rio Grande here we come - shall we? Shant we??

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  1. Looks like you have a short trip from the Airpot to Hotel, everyone is waiting for you ... lol

    atb t ..