Thursday, 7 March 2013

San Pedro to Salta

Early start for Team Terranos along with the rest of the rally.
A cream cracker and instant coffee brekkers was laid out for us. Yuck..

Border crossings today and a bit of organised chaos to entertain us.
Out of Chile and into Argentina (please don't cry for me lol)

David suggested to the crew of the Buick that it may be a smart idea to remove the grill from the front of their car to increase the airflow..

Quick as a flash Scott was picking away at the screws with his pen knife and in minutes the Buick grill took up residence in the back seat. Fingers crossed this will help with the long climb ahead.

Good job the rally had Duncan on board otherwise we would still be waiting at the Chilean border! Hope they paying him lots of our hard earned!!

Most of the Orgs and Clerks stood around warming their hands in their pockets as dawn broke in chilly Chile this morn lol
Mr Wenman was on top form this morn handing out 'unstamped' passports.. Pedro to blame no doubt. Ooooops ...

Approx 150 km between borders and a climb to over 4600 metre.
Pass the coca leaf tea please me dear before we flake out. I saw the 'ships' little doctor moving the communal oxygen canisters around so we will be following him closely in case the need arises.

Chauffeur Goodwin at the wheel today so we are the back seat drivers of the day.

Some peeps seem concerned about our travel arrangements and the fact that we are still sharing the hire vehicles.

Just to put the record straight,
The Ayre's and The Goodwin's have chosen to share the hire trucks from from the word go!!
Or more apt from the words 'stop & sos'

We all get on like a 'house on fire' and have known each other for centuries so it seemed the most sensible solution to our very sad Santa Cruz predicament.

Besides they've got the factor 50 and the polo mints lol

We are now on Hire Truck 2 - Arica to Pucon. - 10 day hire of Nissan Terrano taxes included - 1,759.209 Chilean Pesos (approx £2,400.00)

Hire Truck 1 was from Cuzco to Arica. -
4 day hire costs of a Toyota Corolla $1,050 dollars (approx £695)

Hire truck 3 will take us from Pucon to Puntas Arenas - this is where we may become unstuck but Plan B is already in place but we are hoping to get an extension from Punta Arenas to Ushuaia.

If Plan B has to kick in then golf buggies have been booked to take us over the finishing line at Ushuaia lol

Lots of photo opportunities today!!
We managed to capture Team Mizz B. Abushi with top chauffeur Capitano Shooter complete with underpants headwear lol.

As well as Mark Winkelmann from Le Plymouth taking 40 winks at the wheel..

Just got into Argentina and now have over 400km to go ....

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