Monday, 11 March 2013

The Morning in Mendoza

We congregated in reception at 8am this morning along with the Goodwin's and the Shooters to meet and greet Virginia our Mendozian Notary.

We went off in taxis to the Bolivian Consulate and knocked 3 times to enter into mini Bolivia in a 'porch' and sat waiting along with several Bolivian customers with their entire families and piles of paperwork..

Within 5 minutes we were told 'no way jose' - they adamant were not going to sign anything until tomorrow. No amount of persuasion would change his mind..

After a mini conference we decided to trust the lovely Virginia and she agreed to do the deed for us tomorrow and get the ball rolling....

So we summoned some extra taxis and shot off to her downtown office to sign and seal the official paperwork.

Over an hour later we were set free into the streets of Mendoza to explore.

Don't bother we found nothing of interest there apart from run down buildings, graffitied walls and pit hole pavements.
No Health and Safety here...

Back to the 'Intercontinental' to pack up..
Trip adviser was spot on with their reviews. Great spacious rooms, large underground car park but nothing else. Snails pace service, expensive wi-fi, stuck out in the sticks bla bla bla lol
Will see what Santiago brings tomorrow.

Lots of busy boys in the underground car park dismantling and repairing the wounded slugs....
The mechanics will have their work cut out today....

Last day off for us all now as we have a 11 day run into Ushuaia ....


  1. Ah border crossings don’t you just love them, where have you come from, this never happens bla bla ..

    Is it too late to make an offer on the Jeep?


  2. In the words of Victor Meldrew ‘I don’t believe it’.
    With only eleven days of the Rally left to run, Yellow Brick now shows a road map on the H & H Results page hooray....

    atb t ..