Monday, 4 March 2013

Unexpected Rest Day at Arica

The remaining rally cars limped away from Hotel Arica this morning leaving Le Splinter Group behind.

Our 2nd fleet of hire cars were ready to go at 9am prompt but special authority was needed to enable our Chilean hire cars to travel into Argentina.

We had previously been told that this paperwork was not going to be signed, sealed and delivered until mid day tomorrow but gentle persuasion from Jose and the Splinter Group Mafioso and eventually a 6pm deadline was agreed.

8 hours to kill, so a relaxing day was had by all at Hotel Arica - not the most desirable of hotels but quite a pleasant Ocean location. So relax we did and soaked up the Chilean rays..

The goods news filtered down the pecking order from Jose at approx 2.30pm - our sun worshipping session was cut short and 'Team Terrano' led by 'Team Mizz Barbara Abushi' were on their way to Hertz Arica to collect the special paperwork..

All signed, sealed and delivered in 5 minutes flat and it was goodbye Arica and Iquique here we come....

Great roads today (not that it matters to us anymore) but several traffic holdups later, due to workmen blasting along the Panamerica Highway and we finally arrived at our chosen hotel of the night. The Holiday Express...

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