Saturday, 16 March 2013

Bye bye to Hotel Llao Llao

Fed up with our view from our window so off to Esquel today.
And apparently towns and hotels get worse from here on in so this is our last chance to nick the shower caps to fill with goodies from the breakfast tables lol.

Our hotel this eve is 'Sol del Sol' and we are told its not too good so todays 'Start' has neen postponed so all the remaining cars and crew are having a well deserved lay in...

Theres a definite nip in the air today - quite fresh..

We check out at 10.30am and head for Bariloche for a kwik peek.
Apparently James ( car 11) and Co. had a night out there 'tomming' last night and are a little worse for wear this morning lol

More to follow in Esquel...

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